Since 1972


2022 Ontario Chapter SDC 50th Anniversary

1st inaugural meeting of the Ontario Chapter SDC

L to R  Sandy (Don)  Ross - Tourmaster, Rick Broomer - Secretary, Gerry Revell - President, Bob Shapton - Vice-President, Lloyd Crowdis - Studebanner Editor


It all started back in 1972 when the 1st meeting of the Ontario Chapter SDC  took place in September 1972 at the Bramalea Lions Club located in Brampton, Ontario

The Ontario Chapter started off with 16 members in 1972 mainly situated in the Greater Toronto Area growing up to over 150 members in 2005 and presently has

85 members living in Ontario, Manitoba and New York State. Many Studebaker Enthusiasts have come and gone over the last 48 years but they all had many things in common,

a deep passion for classic cars and in particular Studebaker which was the oldest manufacturer of Transportation vehicles in the world when the factory doors closed back in March 1966.

Many Studebaker "Diehards" have also remained to this day as members to continue their sometimes lifelong infatuation with all things Studebaker.

Many members aren't sure where the old car hobby will go in the next 20 years with many many of the original members passing on as the latest generation seems to

be more interested in Social Media Platforms which watching the world moving towards Electric self-driving cars.  One thing I do know the current Ontario SDC Members will

continue to drive their classic Studebakers the old fashioned way "petal to the metal" and enjoying the thrill of driving a classic car down country roads.


Although our 50th Anniversary is 14 months away we are in the planning stage and if you return to this webpage you will see what is planned and if interested how to attend these celebrations

which will be during the summer of 2022 somewhere between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario. We will welcome all current Ontario SDC members and their families along with other SDC members,

Avanti Club members and any Studebaker enthusiasts or former members that wish to join in on the once in a lifetime celebrations. See you down the Studebaker Road!


Yours in Studebaker in Cruising

Will Norton


Ontario Chapter SDC



2012 Studebaker Made in Canada - Belleville Ontario