Studebaker Made in Canada

Studebaker National Museum - Studebaker of Canada Plaque

    On the 1st of August at 10 AM in 2012 the Studebaker of Canada Plaque was presented by the Ontario Chapter SDC to the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana

to help honour Canadians who made significant contributions to Studebaker of Canada during it's operation from 1910-1966. 

Photos of Presentation

    All eight SMIC Guests at the 2012 Studebaker Made in Canada Celebration have their name on a plate to thank them for their service and in lieu of Merry Grundy Tinsley

we mounted a plate for her father, Gordon E Grundy who as the last President of the Studebaker Automotive Division who tried to keep the business going

through some tough times and challenges.  Although the writing was on the wall back in March 1966, he proved to be a very able leader who to this day in 2012,

on the 100th anniversary of his birth in the city of Toronto Ontario Canada, is remembered as a determined man who if given the proper resources could of maybe kept

the Studebakers rolling off the assembly line for years to come. 


Presently we have 21 Honourees on the SMIC Plaque. To read their personal biographies just click their highlighted names.


Studebaker of Canada Honourees




Stu Chapman –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Advertising & Public Relations Director 1964-66

Roy Graham –  Studebaker Dealership - Haydon, Ontario Graham’s Garage – Owner & Chief  Mechanic                      

Gordon E Grundy - Studebaker of        Canada -  President 1958-1966                         Vice President -1953-1958

Reg Hillary –   Studebaker of Canada  Sponsored Rally Car - Co-winner of the 1961 Trans Canada Car rally

Lou Saunders –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Factory Worker 1962-66

Peter Sant  –   Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Purchasing Agent 1956-58 John Spillett  –   Studebaker of Canada  Hamilton Production Supervisor - 1948-66 George Wingfield  –  Studebaker of Canada  Hamilton Factory Worker 1962-66   




Jack Downey - Studebaker of Canada - Hamilton Factory Worker 1947-1966

Jack Holden - Studebaker of Canada - Hamilton Factory Worker - 1957-66.

Michael Skomoroh - Studebaker Dealer, Dryden, Ontario - Owner




Joe Dobrucki – Studebaker of Canada Employee, Plant Carpenter – Hamilton Ontario Rolly Larmour – Studebaker Mechanic, Ottawa, Ontario Lillian Morris – Studebaker of Canada Employee, Advertising Supervisor, Hamilton, Ontario




M.S. "Mel" Brooks –  Vice President & General Manager, Studebaker Corporation of Canada – Walkerville,  Ontario Chris Birch - Studebaker of Canada - Hamilton Factory Foreman 1947-1965 Ted Sparling –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Factory Worker 1964-66






 Denis " Gus" Gaskin - Studebaker of Canada Vice President 1941-1952     President 1952-58

Neil Denis Gaskin - Studebaker of Canada  Asst Purchasing Director 1948 -1960             

Frederick Gordon Stacey - Studebaker of Canada - Industrial Relations Director - 1952-1966

Harley & Sheila Timbers - Studebaker Owners for 65+ years


Note: If you are or know of a Canadian that worked for Studebaker of Canada, an Authorized Canadian Studebaker Dealership or helped to promote Studebaker of Canada during its

56 years of operation or afterwards then contact the Ontario Chapter SDC to purchase a plate ($50 Donation) to mount on the commemorative plaque. If you wish to nominate any Canadian for this

award please contact Will Norton with a short history of their involvement with Studebaker of Canada,  photograph of nominee and the Ontario Chapter will consider sponsoring

the nominee themselves. All monies earned go to the Studebaker National Museum towards its operating expenses.


It’s time to remember the Canadian Studebaker Contribution and honour the persons that made it happen while in operation or greatly contributed to the Studebaker legacy in Canada. If you wish to

submit a name please contact the Ontario Chapter SDC via email or phone Will Norton at 613-777-5314 for more info.



Hamilton Plant Remembered in 2012 prior to being demolished